A Memorial Jonathan Peale Bishop

Photos from Jonathan's later years

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john's wedding
The wedding of eldest son John


john's wedding
Josh's wedding
Attending the wedding of youngest son Joshua
josh's wedding
josh's wedding
with maia
With daughter-in-law, Maia Ambegaokar

with John

With son John and grandson Alex in 1991

with grandson

With grandson Alex in 1990


With Granddaughter Susanna Bishop, 1992


1995 Jeffery Reunion with son Joshua,
who's holding Jonathan's granddaughter Susanna

Jonathan with his three sons
with john

With son John Bishop
with family
with Tad and Josh

With Tad Jeffery and Joshua Bishop
with Robert

With brother Robert Bishop





with Jeremy

October 2007 with Son Jeremy

with grandson Wells

With Grandson Wells Bishop in 2007

At Kendall

October 2009 at Kendall by Robert Bishop