A Memorial Jonathan Peale Bishop

Nancy Gallant's Remembrance:

I read an article in the Post today about Dorothy Day. Immediately, I thought, "I have to send this to Jonathan." But I can't. So, I "thought" the article to him - and I missed him all over again.

Jonathan had such respect for Dorothy Day. For him, as for her, religion was much more than an intellectual exercise. He enjoyed the intellectual aspect - but he was deeply committed to what it meant practically to believe in his faith.

Jonathan Bishop speaking at Nancy Galant's wedding

Jonathan was a constant support in my early adulthood. We had great discussions (arguments) at daily Masses, wrestling through the meanings of the gospels. He read at my wedding (photo above) - an honor for which I was grateful. And he was my stalwart example of the intersection of intellect and action. I miss him. And I am so grateful that Jonathan Bishop touched our lives.

-Nancy Galant